In June 2015 at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, Efesto, in collaboration with Ashot and CFM, the first parallel hybrid unit ever installed on a light airplane was presented.
The hybrid power unit develops up to 100 kW power in pure electric flight and over 200 kW in boost mode combining the power of the Rotax 914 to the power of the Emrax 268 Electric motor.

The parallel hybrid system is installed on the Rotax 914

A new gearbox developed by Ashot with a clutch inside replaces the Rotax original gearbox.

A 60 kW permanent magnet electric motor is mounted directly on the propeller shaft.

The inverter is installed behind the Rotax, a 30 kg battery pack is installed at the rear of the plane.

Total added weight 57 kg.

The Hybrid Unit allows to operate the airplane in different operating modes.

1. Normal Mode: ICE only drives the propeller

2. Pure Electric Mode: the electric motor only drives the propeller

3. Boost Mode: ICE and electric motor simultaneously drive the propeller

4. Starter Mode: the Electric motor starts the ICE

5. Generator Mode: the Electric motor as generator charges the Power Pack Lithium Polymer Battery